Time to Update those LinkedIn Headshots!

Judgements are made on first impressions; we decide who we feel comfortable approaching and who to steer clear of in seconds. With the majority of business taking place online, those instant decisions are being made based on your team headshots. Do they represent your company in the right light?

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Professional business headshot photography example for LinkedIn

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Business Headshots

In today's competitive business landscape, making a strong first impression is vital. You cannot overstate the power of a professional business headshot. Your headshot is often the first point of contact with potential clients or employers. It speaks volumes about your confidence and professionalism. In an instant, a well-crafted headshot can convey trust, approachability, and competence.

In an age where online presence is king, your headshot is often the first encounter a prospective client has with your personal brand. It's the digital handshake. It's the visual cue that can make or break that crucial first impression. As such, investing in a high-quality, professional headshot is not a luxury. It's a strategic business move.

The best business headshots balance professionalism with a human touch. Natural, smiling faces suggest confidence, positivity and enjoyment of your work. Get the balance right. Your business headshots can build trust in your brand. They can make you seem familiar and approachable.

Professional headshots: for different industries

If you are planning to update your team headshots, a little preparation can help everything to run smoothly. Consider a good location for the portraits. This could be in the workplace, outdoors or in a photographic studio. What is in keeping with the business?

Consistency is great for team headshots, so give some thought to what to wear. It’s straightforward if you wear a uniform, but if not, agree on a colour scheme for the photoshoot. This encourages the eye to focus on faces. It prevents distraction caused by an array of color and patterned clothing.

“Make sure you’re the person that others want to buy from or hire”

If it is time to promote your personal brand and ensure that you always make the right first impression, please get in touch to discuss availability and for a no obligation quote.

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Examples of different styles of business headshots for different professions

Trust in an Experienced Portrait Photographer

I bring over two decades of portrait photography experience to each photoshoot. I am industry trained and you can trust me to bring out the best of your natural features. A smile comes to life when it is relaxed and heartfelt. I keep retouching to a minimum, so the images reflect the real you.

My commitment to my trade means that I see the process through from start to finish. I will handle the initial contact, photoshoot, and editing. My packages do not include a hired studio, assistant photographer, or outsourced retouching service. This personal collaboration provides a consistent quality to my work. It is the only way to create a meaningful portfolio of images. The images will evoke your special memories for years to come.

As part of the photoshoot fee, you receive all the images that I have taken, in a digital format. The cost of your shoot includes one complimentary retouch. Yet, with my great photography, I promise you won't need much.

So, if you are seeking a Buckinghamshire photographer specialising in portraiture, my experience, personalisation and commitment to quality stand me apart. 

If you have any questions about portrait photographs, please get in touch at info@abigailstudio.co.uk or on 01494 481137.

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Branding photography example, Child Psychologist Lucy Russell works with young boy.

Personal business headshots, Child psychologist Lucy Russel poses infront of children's thank you drawings and cards

Child Psychologiset and author Lucy Russel signs her new book Brighter Futures

What works best for you? Some business photography ideas

In addition to individual headshots, what other images would be beneficial for marketing your business? This could include group shots of the team, photos of people at work or a shot of your premises. In short, make the most of the time you have booked the photographer. Capturing a series of images provides a bank of photographs. You can use them on your web pages, social media profiles, PR, and print media. You can find all the details about my Branding Photography Packages for SMEs on my website.


Mark Rogers

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"Abigail had photographed my son's newborn pictures and his Christening, so when I was looking to update my business headshots she was the natural choice. From choosing the background to the final images selection Abigail was able to advise me on what looked best. It was so easy to update my LinkedIn as the images were cropped and sized ready to go. The pictures look great with a range of different images, so many I can change for each quarter!"

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Headshot photography packages.

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