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Watch me grow!

By 6-months, your baby is unrecognisable from that tiny bundle that you first cradled in your arms. They are alert, active and full of character. They are exploring their world, taking wonder in the smallest things, forming sounds and showing a great range of expressions.

In this first year of their lives, they grow in both size and in personality. It’s a time full of firsts, as you marvel at the new things they have accomplished. Keeping a visual record of their development is something that you can treasure for years to come. My two boys love looking back at the photographs I took in those early days!

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Why Pay for a Baby Photographer?

The joy of a baby photoshoot is that everything is already set up; a neutral backdrop, controlled lighting and professional cameras. The responsibility for catching those bright eyes, gorgeous smile or loving interaction between siblings is handed over to the photographer.

I love photographing babies in the 6 to 10-month age range. In a 6-month baby photoshoot and older, they are often able to sit unaided, lift their head, touch their toes. They are inquisitive and expressive; keen to discover more about their world and curious about my photographic studio! The other advantage of a baby photoshoot is that you aren’t stuck behind the lens. There is the opportunity for every member of your family to look wonderful in the same photo! As a baby and family photographer, I can create a mixed portfolio of individual and group images. I also take a selection of both colour, and black and white images.

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How to Photograph Babies at Home

One thing that struck me when I became a mother was the amount of stuff we accumulated! The high chair, car seat, baby bath and toys, to name but a few. Every room seemed to contain a collection of baby things, to ensure we had what we needed at hand. So, the first challenge for getting a great home photo is clearing the clutter.

You then want a simple backdrop, with good natural light, that ensures your baby is the central focus. I’m not talking bright, direct light that causes your little one to squint and drains colour. The ideal light is often a north-facing window.

The next challenge is keeping them in position! We all know from nappy changes, that the minute you want them to stay still, they will be rolling about, looking away or sliding from seated to lying down. If you plan to include siblings, the moments of harmony are even more fleeting. They are most likely to be settled after a feed and with plenty of time before their next nap is due.

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What to Take to a Baby Photoshoot

In my experience, the best photos come when a baby feels comfortable and can easily move about. It can be a good idea to bring a change of clothes, or two, so you are fully prepared for any eventuality! A favourite blanket or toy can also help provide comfort in unfamiliar surroundings. A drink and snack can be helpful in pacifying little ones and we can take regular breaks to help keep them engaged. My photographic studio in Bledlow Ridge is warm, quiet and well equipped, to help you and your baby feel welcome and calm. With 8 years of baby photoshoot experience, I’m skilled at bring out those gorgeous smiles, to ensure I capture a selection of naturally beautiful images.

How Much is a Baby Photoshoot?

My baby photo package prices, and what’s included, are shared on my website. To arrange your session, at a time that fits in with your baby’s routine, contact me. Together we can create memories that will bring joy for years to come.

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