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Why Small Businesses Need Brand Photography

One of the best ways to build your online presence is with fresh content. That requires a bank of images that showcase your brand, your team and your products or services. Images attract the eye and help to tell your story. In addition, people are more likely to share them than your blogs and other written content.

Now, as a small business, you already face considerable competition, so you need to do all you can to stand apart. Using stock images on your website and social media does little to boost your rankings. It may even hurt your SEO. Stock images lack authenticity and you can spot them a mile off! To set your business apart online, you need professional brand photography. It will create a unique, original online presence.

Don't settle for mediocrity. Invest in brand photography that shows you are a professional business. Corporate photography demonstrates confidence in your brand. It also makes your company more approachable. Stop hiding behind stock images. Your customers deserve the real picture. They deserve to see you, your products, your services, and your workplace.

Commercial photographer buckinghamshire

Headshot of Hairdresser joe Price in his Salon

Creative product photography in Salon

Hair dresser styles clients hair for photo

Product photography in hair salon

Corporate Photography Package for Small Businesses

I’m a small business, so I understand that you need solutions that offer great value. That is why I’ve prepared a corporate photography package for SMEs. It's a flexible and affordable way to gain a bank of unique brand images. You can use them across your website, social pages, and advertising.

I am a professional photographer covering Buckinghamshire area. The brand photoshoot can take place at your workplace. Or you are welcome to join me in my photography studio near High Wycombe. Lasting approximately 4 hours, I’ll use the time effectively to capture a full range of images. These typically include:

·      Professional corporate headshots

·      Group photos of the whole team

·      Interior photography of your workplace

·      Product photography

·      Action shots & lifestyle images of the service you provide

·      Close up images

Whether you are preparing to launch a startup or are ready to revamp your online presence. I’ll speak to you in advance, ask what you plan to use the images for. I also get clued up on the nature of your business. This helps me to reflect the style of your brand during the small business photography session.

Commercial photography buckinghamshire

Headshot photograph of Dr Lucy Russell

Dr Lucy Russell works with young patient

Dr Lucy Russell signs her book "Brighter Futures"

Bringing Business to Life in a Brand Photography Photoshoot

This is all about your brands, so let’s bring it to life with shots of you at work. Featuring in the images makes them more personal. This approach presents your business's true nature. I’ll photograph you in the clothes and environment you work in, immersed in your daily routine. Using models as customers can bring character and emotions to your images.

I can also arrange products beautifully, to create still life pictures. These images are great for product descriptions and promotional materials. You can also use them to tempt buyers on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Let's not just rely on stylised product shots. Instead, let's put your goods in your hands. This way, we can illustrate how you use them. The resulting product images are great if you share styling tips, serving suggestions, aftercare advice and other valuable product information with customers.

Brand photography studio

Creative product photography in studio

Product photography on white background

Product photography in studio

Branding photography near me

Is there such a thing as affordable brand photography for small businesses?

Yes, there is! My charge for this small business brand package is £435. After your photoshoot, I’ll provide you with an edited collection of digital images. Use them across your website, social profiles, and advertising. You can use them without fear that your competitors will use the same image!

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