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Welcome to my family portrait gallery. My photography packages include all your high resolution digital photos at no extra cost! This way, you can keep all of your amazing pictures. Celebrate your family life and cherish these moments for many years to come.

Black and white family portraits

Black & White vs Colour Photography

In professional photography, two groups stand out. First, purists admire the elegant simplicity of black and white. Second, enthusiasts revel in the vibrant colors. I am a family portrait photographer. I capture people of all ages and styles, including pregnant women, newborns, and families. Often, my clients ask, "Are portraits better in black and white?" So, which is it?

Black and white image of baby sleeping on parents arm. High Wycombe Studio photography by Abigails' Studio

Baby sleeps on arm in studio photograph

Black and white photo of mother and her baby daughter in my family portrait studio, High Wycombe, Abigail's Studio

Mother cradles baby in stunning black and white studio portrait

Family photography studio, High Wycombe

My gallery features many black and white photos, which I love. They mark the start of my photography carreer. Back then, I'd shoot, develop, and wait eagerly for the images in a dark room. Now, my method has changed, but my dedication remains. I hand-tone every photo. Computers can't match this touch.

I always include black and white photos to your family collection for free. During viewings, I enjoy hearing families praise the photos. Here, I share my top five tips for your own black and white photos.

5 Tips for Beautiful Black & White Family Portrait Photography

I've learned through many years of experience as a professional photographer. Now, I'll share how I create black and white portraits.

  1. Photographers intentionally capture the best black and white images. They don't switch to black and white after the event. So, I set my camera and lighting for black and white portraits before shooting.
  2. Compelling images come when you start to see in black and white. That means having an eye for light and areas of contrast.
  3. Black and white is less forgiving than colour. So, I always make sure the background is clear. This way, it won't distract from my subjects.
  4. Light and dark contrasts don't need to be strong. Subtle shifts can add depth to a picture.
  5. Lighting is key for black and white family portraits. In my studio, I adjust the light's direction and intensity. This lets me create various moods and effects. For outdoor shots, winter's high contrast light is ideal. It helps capture the classic black and white look.

Which is Better, Black & White or Colour Portraits?

Customers often ask, "Are family portraits better in black & white?" The answer? You can enjoy both. I'm skilled in both colour and black & white photography, and I love both. I'll choose images that look stunning in black and white for your collection. If you want, I can make sure all images match, perfect for a triptych display. 

Black and white photo of father and daughter in family portrait studio High Wycombe, by  Abigail's Studio

father and daughter pose in black and white photograph

Stunning graduated black and white image of young boy by family photographer Abigail's Studio, High Wycombe

Boy poses in High Wycombe portrait studio

Father poses with sons for black and white family photograph, High Wycombe by Abigail's Studio

Balck and White family photo in High Wycombe studio

Professional portait studio

What Kit do I use:

I have always shot with pro Nikon equipment. The digital sensors in their cameras are top exceptional. They're perfect for family photos. Want to try taking family shots?  This article from Nikon offers great tips

Some of the modern Nikon lenses are fantastic. But, I love my fixed lenses and the fact that I can still use the old mounts. Using a combination of both during your family photo shoot helps to create the best images.


I still adore my Bowens lights because they give me great results in the studio. Recently, I've also become a huge fan of my new Godox kit for using on location. This kit is great for shooting on location. It's small, light, and easy to carry. It offers me a lot of flexibility and options to explore different creative ideas. 


And lastly, my favourite piece of kit in my studio is my purpose built LuxS wall mount for my studio lights. The boom arm gives me full control over my lighting. It also keeps stands and cables safely away from your little ones.