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Stepping out of the Studio - A Beautiful Backdrop for Family Portraits.

If you love the outdoors, then a location photoshoot is perfect for your family.

Buckinghamshire is full of beautiful landscapes. Offering a vast collection of picturesque settings, ideal for your photoshoot. You can choose from a variety of locations. Whether you prefer the quiet and enchanting atmosphere of woodlands. Picture your family in the tranquility of flower-filled meadows, or the gentle slopes of rolling hills. Perhaps the vast openness on top the ridgeway or secluded valley. There is a perfect setting waiting for you.

Do you have a special place in mind for a family portrait? Is it full of wonderful memories? A place that makes you smile each time you visit. What makes this location the perfect choice for your photo shoot?

Photoshoot locations, Bucks

Young family photographed in garden, Beaconsfield. Family portrait by Abigail's studio

Parents with daughter in stunning, natural photo shoot

Boy runs through the summer corn in Buckinghamshire field. Family photography by Abigail's Studio

Boy runs through corn in beutiful summertime photo

Family photography in a wild flower meadow, Buckinghamshire, by Abigail's studio

Family poses in wildflower meadow for professional photo.

Children often feel more relaxed outside leading to a more natural collection of images. Here they can explore and engage with their surroundings. There is plenty to capture their interest and space to run and play!

Outdoor photography is wonderfully creative. I rely on natural light and features in the landscape to create the perfect family portraits. During family photoshoots, I'm always on the look out for unplanned interactions. I seek shared smiles and subtle moments. These candid moments reveal a family's true character.

Family photoshoot Buckinghamshire

Sisters play in natural secret garden in the summer, Buckinghamshire. Photography by Abigail's studio

Girls pose for photograph in beautiful secret garden

Siblings play in secret garden with waterfall, Buckinghamshire, photo by Abigail's studio

photograph of girls splashing in waterfall

Children play with father in natural family photography session by Abigail's studio

Children playing with father in lush green garden

British Summertime Photography 

During the summer, the days stretch long into the evening. There is more time to interact and cremate and capture a wonderful collection of photographs. A secret garden made the perfect backdrop for this special family photoshoot.

British summers can be unpredictable. But, a warm, dry day makes with soft natural lighting work wonders. It brings every scene to life. The children play under blue skies and amid lush green foliage. The leaves are fresh and full of life, just like the family in this photoshoot. Flowing water adds a touch of magic to the images. Isn't it enchanting?

Their smiles are genuine. Full of natural joy from simply having fun outside. Maybe you have a favourite spot that would make a meaningful backdrop to your family portrait?

Photoshoot locations Buckinghamshire

Family photography mum and daughter in autumn woods. High Wycombe. Photographer Abigail's studio

family photographer high wycombe

Fun family photo of young girl runs in woods with autumnal colours. High Wycombe, photography, Abigail's studio

family photo sessions

Mum and daughter playing with falling leaves in Autumn. Bradenham woods, High Wycombe, photographer Abigail's Studio

family photographer buckinghamshire

Relaxed Portraiture - Why I Love Autumn Photoshoots

As a photographer, I enjoy each season. The rich colours of Autumn are vibrant. The red, orange, and yellow make an ideal setting for taking stunning portraits. With the sun lower lower in the sky, the scenery glows. Get the angle right and the subtle light and Autumn tones are perfect for family portraiture.

Walking and playing in the woods is fun. For a start, the deep carpet of leaves provides a fun prop; kick them high in the air and watch them fall from the sky. The photography is less formal than a studio photoshoot. Children can run about, hide behind trees, and clamber over logs. This interaction with the landscape, and between individuals, offers natural delight. As a result, smiles are genuine, relaxed and joyous.

The Autumn sun does not flood the woodland with light. Instead, it illuminates specific trees or leaves. Patches of light frame young faces. These highlights achieve natural contrasts with areas in shadow. All this can create a magical feeling to your photographs. 

"In family photography, I always look for unplanned interactions. Shared smiles and subtle interactions. Capturing the familial bonds and the love shines through in each photograph."

Brother and sister play in natural family photography, Buckinghamshire. Image by Abigail's Studio

Brother and sister play in a spring meadow, Buckinghamshire

Photograph of girl playing with buttercups, Buckinghamshire. Photography by Abigail's Studio

Girl plays with buttercups in spring medow, Buckinghashire

Relaxed family portrait in spring meadow by Buckinghamshire photographer Abigail's Studio

Candid photography of family in spring meadow.

Family photographer Buckinghamshire

Family photoshoot packages - whats on now?

As the seasons change so do my locations. For up to date information and my latest photographs please head over to my blog post to see whats happening. The seasonal sessions can book up fast, so please get in touch and let me know your ideas, and we can get a date in the diary.

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