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Stepping out of the Studio - A Beautiful Backdrop for Family Portraits

Some people feel more relaxed outside and prefer this to the studio setting. As such, a location photoshoot can lead to a more natural collection of images. 

Abigail's Studio is surrounded by stunning scenery. Your photographic session could take place in woodlands, open fields, meadows or rolling hills. Within a short walk from my photographic studio, we can find the right light and backdrop for your photoshoot. Maybe you have a favourite spot that would make a meaningful backdrop to your family portrait. It could be a setting with personal memories or a place that you regularly visit. What would make your ideal photoshoot backdrop?

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family photographer buckinghamshire

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For children, coming into a photography studio can be a little daunting. It is an unfamiliar space and it takes time to help them relax and interact naturally. They are usually more comfortable outside where they are not enclosed. They can explore and there is plenty to capture their interest. For this reason, some families prefer an outdoor photoshoot.

As a less controlled environment, outdoor photography isn't as predictable as work shot in the studio. I work with the natural light and features to find great locations to bring the family together. In family photography, I’m always on the lookout for those unplanned interactions; the shared smiles, the subtle interactions. This is where an individual’s character is revealed.

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British Summertime Photography 

In summer, the days are long, so there is more time to interact, build trust and take a wonderful collection of shots. A secret garden made the perfect backdrop for this family photoshoot.

The British summer is unpredictable, but on a warm, dry day, the natural light makes every subject radiant. Sitting amid blue skies and lush green foliage, the images look fresh and full of life, just like the family in this photoshoot. I feel that the large leaves and flowing water add a magical quality to the images, do you agree?

Their smiles are full of natural joy from simply having fun outside. Maybe you have a favourite spot that would make a meaningful backdrop to your family portrait.

family photography mum and daughter in autumn woods  high wycombe buckinghamshire

family photographer high wycombe

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family photographer buckinghamshire

Relaxed Portraiture - Why I Love Autumn Photoshoots

As a photographer, I take pleasure from each season, but Autumn provides a delightful backdrop to family portraits. With the sun positioned lower in the sky, the scenery is bathed in a rich yet muted glow. Get the angle right and the subtle light and Autumn tones are ideal for portraiture.

Walking and playing in the woods is fun. For a start, the deep carpet of leaves provides a fun prop; kick them high in the air and watch them fall from the sky. When children can run about, hide behind trees, clamber over logs and generally enjoy the space, the photography is less formal than a studio photoshoot. This interaction with the landscape, and between individuals, offers natural delight. The result is that smiles on faces are genuine, relaxed and joyous.

Rather than flooding the woodland with light, the Autumn sun illuminates specific trees or leaves and creates halos around young faces. Natural contrasts are achieved between these highlights and areas in shadow. This can be used to great effect, creating a magical feeling. 

In family photography, I’m always on the lookout for those unplanned interactions;

the shared smiles, the subtle interactions. 

Family photoshoot packages - whats on now?

As the seasons change so do my locations. For up to date information and my latest photographs please head over to my blog post to see whats happening. The seasonal sessions can book up fast, so please get in touch and let me know your ideas, and we can get a date in the diary.

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