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You’re Blooming Marvelous!

As motherhood approaches, you are nurturing new life. Your body transforms into a sanctuary. It provides a safe and nourishing place for your baby to develop. This is truly a wonder of nature. In a society where we’re constantly weighing up if we’re too curvy, too tall or short, there is a moment of realisation. None of that matters. Your body is amazing!

Throughout pregnancy, your body undergoes various changes. You may also notice that your skin is more radiant, hair grow thicker and shinier. Eyes sparkle. Thinking about your baby fills your heart with happiness. Your smile comes more naturally. So, when asked if maternity pictures are worth it, the answer is a clear yes.

Maternity photography High Wycombe

Black and white maternity photography in portrait studio High Wycombe, Abigail's Studio

Black and white maternity photo shoot in studio

Maternity photo on navy blue studio backdrop, High Wycombe, Photograph by Abigail's Studio

Pregant lady poses in studio maternity photoshoot on navy blue background

Pregnancy photoshoot near me

Embrace the joy of pregnancy. Capture the miracle of life with a Maternity Photoshoot.

As a mother of two, I treasured those 9-months when my babies were tucked up inside. The growing bump, hiccups and kicks were signs that all was well. It is the first step in a life-changing journey and a time to celebrate womanhood. How should you remember this magical time? Do it with a stunning maternity photoshoot.

I understand how important it is to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and in control of your body. My maternity photoshoot sessions are personalised to you. If you are not used to being the focus of attention, it can seem a little strange at first. I promise that you will soon feel at ease and happy with the natural images I’m taking.

I aim to help you feel relaxed, comfortable, and in control during your maternity photoshoot. These sessions are personalised to your needs. If being in the spotlight is new and feels odd, don't worry. You'll quickly get used to it. It's a lot of fun and and I enjoy highlighting your inner beauty. Truthful, I enjoy making you look great. It's what I do. You'll adore the natural images I take.

First, let's discuss the ideal setting for your photographs. Would you prefer them taken in my studio, at your home, or perhaps in a picturesque location? A summer location or all wrapped up in luxurious faux furs? It all tells part of the story. It's great to include partner and children, they are an important part of this story too!

I'll often sneak in a mini session with the children. Its good to celebrate this special time before the baby arrives. 

Boy and mother pose in studio maternity shoot High Wycombe. Photography by Abigail's Studio

Boy Kisses mothers baby bump on grey studio background

Gilr and motehrs baby bump on pink studio backdrop. Photography by Abigail's Studio

Daughter poses with mothers bump on pink studio background

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What Month do You Take Maternity Photos?

You can book a maternity photo session at any stage of your pregnancy. But, it usually takes place in the month before your due date. In these final weeks, your bump is in full bloom and you will be glowing.

What Clothing for a Maternity Photoshoot?

What you wear is up to you, what’s important is that you are comfortable and feel good. Some mothers to be love a loose, floaty dress. Others prefer a snugger fit for a defined look. It's common to switch outfits during the photoshoot. this allows you to create a range of pictures. And of course we can reveal your bump in its natural glory. I have some options but its important to find the right fit and style for you. 

Do you Need a Professional Photographer?

In the final stages of pregnancy, you deserve to feel special. Trying to take a good photo of yourself isn’t easy. Before you reach a time when putting on your shoes is hard, celebrate the beauty of your body. You want more than a blurry reflection in the mirror to mark this precious time.

Family join maternity photoshoot on dark grey background. High Wycombe photography by Abigail's Studio

Family pose in beautiful maternity photo on a dark grey studio background

Maternity photoshoot packages

How much does maternity photography cost?

Please head on over to my Maternity photography packages to read about whats included and create your perfect maternity photo session now! Alternatively lets schedule a call and i'll be delighted to talk you through the process. 01494481137

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