Autumn family Photoshoots, stunning family photography in the woods near you!

Autumn 2023 colour could be most extraordinary yet, says Forestry England. The rainy weather in March lay foundation for a fantastic leaf display as it provided plenty of moisture to the soil, prompting healthy and substantial growth. A warm dry 'Indian summer' followed by colder nights created the best combination, keeping the leaves working later and then shortening the leaf drop process. 

So its the perfect time to tell you Why I Love Autumn Photoshoots

A family photoshoot in the woods around High Wycombe during autumn provides a beautiful setting for capturing special moments. The lower position of the sun creates a warm and muted glow, enhancing the natural beauty of the scenery. The angle of the sunlight and the vibrant autumn colours create an ideal backdrop for portraits. Golden trees, red vines and brown crunchy leaves add richness and beauty to the images. 

The woods offer a fun and interactive environment for children to play and explore. The deep carpet of leaves can be used as a prop, with the opportunity to kick them high in the air and watch them fall. This playful atmosphere allows for less formal photography compared to a studio photoshoot. The interaction with the landscape, and between individuals, offers natural delight. The result is that smiles on faces are genuine, relaxed and joyous.

The stunning backdrop enhances the overall aesthetic of the photoshoot. Get the angle right and the subtle light and Autumn tones are ideal for family portraiture. For more information on how to capture perfect family memories with an outdoor photoshoot in the woods around High Wycombe please visit my webpage: Get guidance on the best locations and tips for a great family photoshoot.