Why do you need me.

My boys are full of energy. They come from a land of mountains and ice. At Waitrose's Fish counter, this weekend they were thrilled. They wanted to fish through the ice, like their ancestors did.

The DH also felt his ancestry calling him. He promptly forgot what tagliatelle was. The flavoured butter for our fish puzzled him. I must have appeared stressed. As we left (towards the wine isle) a kind shop assistant approached. Presenting a beautiful bunch of flowers. They were from Jane behind the fish counter. I was so touched, it truly made my day.

But what does this have to do with you, and me?

This is all about family life's rollercoaster. We work hard, play hard. When to comes too relaxing somebody always goes wrong. But between it all are fleeting moments of pure happiness. When you watch the boys play and chat together. The smile on their faces when Dada come home from work. The night-time cuddles. Before they jump around the bedroom, they take off all their clothes. Then claim they need to sleep on the windowsill.

Inviting a professional photographer to take your family photos allows them to capture your best moments. Documenting those sweet times, loving gazes, giggles, mischievous grins and family traits. These gems hide amid an array of chores, laundry, and daily hassles.

Take an hour out of your day to day and come with me on an adventure of family happiness. Leave all the stresses behind and enjoy your family Purposefully creating and documenting these perfect moments, allows us to revisit them whenever we need a dose of happiness.

We grow fast; photos on phones disappear into a world of digital storage. So, when no one is at their best, a quick glance at the photo on the wall will tell you that everything is going to be okay.


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