In a day full of laughter and dinosaur and princess jokes, it was a delight to photograph the preschoolers at West Wycombe! With the stunning scenery just outside the gates it was a dream location, the glorious June sunshine added just the right touch of warmth. 

For children, coming into a photography studio can be a little daunting. It is an unfamiliar space and it takes time to help them relax and interact naturally. They are usually more comfortable outside where they are not enclosed. They can explore and there is plenty to capture their interest. For this reason, some families prefer an outdoor photoshoot.

As a less controlled environment, outdoor photography isn't as predictable as work shot in the studio. I work with the natural light and features to find great locations to bring the family together. In family photography, I’m always on the lookout for those unplanned interactions; the shared smiles, the subtle interactions. This is where an individual’s character is revealed. Their smiles are full of natural joy from simply having fun outside. 

Maybe you have a favourite spot that would make a meaningful backdrop to your family portrait?

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