Here's how to make some for your home

With over 20 years of experience as a photographer. I have worked with major fashion magazines in the UK. This experience has given me a special viewpoint on traditional portraits. I offer a new approach to portrait photography. A unique photo shoot that creates a custom piece of art from your portrait sessions.


  • A personal consultation to talk about your vision for a your photo art. 
  • Untimed photographic shoot in your chosen location
  • Private viewing in the studio to select your images. 
  • Complimentary retouching and photo editing.
  • Your premium photo art, signed and delivered to your straight to your door.

My Past experience helps me create custom photographic art with your loved ones. When you commission me, you have full control over the style of image you want on your walls. To start, we will have an in-home meeting to talk about your ideas. I will listen to your thoughts and suggest options until we understand what you want. We will also look at the wall where you want to put the images. Let me know if you like portrait or landscape orientation. I am also interested in your print quality preferences, like acrylic or canvas, and who will be in the images.

You can have your photo session at your chosen spot, at your place, or at my studio. There are no limits to the session. I will bring your vision to life in a unique way that reflects your personality. We can try many wardrobe choices, backgrounds, lighting, poses, and camera lenses. This will give us many options for your desired look.

During your viewing, you can select the perfect images for your desired visual style. After that, I will make a high quality final version.

On your approval, I will create, package and deliver your art work directly to your home.

To find put more about this or any of my other family photography packages please get in touch on 01494481137