Are you feeling the January blues?

The answer may be much closer than you think!

Freezing cold weather is moving through the UK. It's bringing temperatures as low as -15 degrees. Even though it's cold outside, we feel like we're in the beautiful Caribbean here at the studio.

I love that this family chose my aqua blue background for their recent photoshoot. The white and blue outfits make them look like they just stepped off a luxury yacht. I used some special lighting techniques to replicate the in golden sunlight. Add a little Jimmy Cliff and the winter chill thaws faster than you can say spiring is coming!

What would it mean to you to have a family photo shoot in my High Wycombe studio? Taking pictures that capture the love and warmth between family members makes a winter day feel less cold. Seeing the smiles of your family on your wall will make the dark evenings brighter.

I know that when people stand still and smile, they look fake. So, I have a different way of doing things. I create a comfortable place where people to act naturally and show real emotions. When families see my pictures, I want them to feel something deep inside. I want to bring them back to that special moment.

You don't need a photograph to know that your family is perfect. But, having one can help you feel closer to them when life gets busy.

To see how different backgrounds can change the mood of your pictures, please visit my family photo gallery. Go to and let me know your favourites!