With British summer coming, the sky might lack sunshine. But here at Abigail’s Studio we are always optimistic. Bookings for blue bell and blossom photos are rolling in. I’m eagerly anticipating the best days to get outside!

5 Top Tips to improve your photography

Here are 5 of my best tips to make your summer family photos even better. These ideas will help you capture special moments. They will create lasting memories with your loved ones. Follow these tips. They will ensure that your family photos are not just beautiful. They will also capture the joy and love of summer.

1. Clear background

When I want to make a great family portrait, I start by looking at what's behind the subject. Clear backgrounds keep the focus on your subjects. They help capture personalities without any distractions. Play with angles for a clean, professional look.

2. Use of Colour

That does not mean the background is not important. A sunny cornfield or lush green trees add detail and depth. They set the scene. Compliment with the outfit to give the feeling of long lazy summer days. I adore Azul, a swimming pool or ocean backdrop makes photos vibrant. 

3. Strong lines – the use perspective.

Photographers love long strait lines. Perspective adds depth to photos, drawing viewers in. It's like taking a journey through the image. Get creative with them to elevate your photos and and captivate your audience.


4. Heads all at the same level.

When taking family photos, keep heads close for a great portrait. Faces are the key ingredient any fantastic family portrait. Avoid bending down; lift kids up instead. Or lie them on the floor allowing your children to play and cuddle with them. Position legs towards the back for better composition. 

5. Natural interactions

When everything is set it's time to capture those natural interactions. Tell funny jokes while asking the children to look at each other. Tickling adds fun. Walking hand in had and looking at each other tells of a connection. Display family love openly. 

6. Natural environment: (here's the bonus tip!)

People often ask me, "How do you pose a children so well?" Honestly, I let the child be itself, just where I need them to be. Discover a special place that fills you all with joy. When you connect with this happy place, it will inspire you with creativity and the images will flow. Be patient; perfect shots may take time.

Have fun documenting your family. Capture magic moments with stunning pictures.

Would you like to be part of beautiful family photos? You can call me to schedule a session for stunning family pictures. The photoshoot will last an hour. We can capture your family's special moments in my photography studio. Or, we can do it amid the scenic Chiltern hills. This experience is a perfect way to cherish and celebrate your family life together. 

Capture the precious moments that slip away with time and keep them close to your heart.