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 No matter what the occasion, hiring a professional photographer is an exercise in trust. You need to feel confident in your photographer's skills, experience and equipment. They need to demonstrate an understanding of what is important to you, so you get unique shots that truly reflect your personality and the essence of the occasion.

This page aims to help you learn more about me, so you can get a feel for whether I am the right choice for you.

"Photography is simply part of who I am"

From a young age I've loved having the opportunity to capture fleeting impressions, beautiful moments and unusual light, colours or views. For this reason, my camera has never been far from my hand.

My passion is my work and I want everyone to feel the same delight and excitement when they see my images.


From assisting with a photo shoot of Princes Diana at the start of my career, to creating actor and model portfolios that have helped others to progress their career, I have been a portrait photographer since 2000.

I combine my expertise with state of the art equipment to take individual and family portraits that celebrate your personality and natural beauty.

'I encourage a relaxed, friendly approach, which allows me to explore and capture the different aspects of a person's personality in my Buckinghamshire Studio'

With a mobile studio, I can also travel to wedding venues, parties, proms and other special occasions to ensure that all the highlights are caught on camera.

These images mean that the happiness and joy can easily be relived, even when the day is long past.

Photographs allow us to reminisce about our lives, our time together, our achievements. They can be shared with many generations and enhance family ties. I fully understand their value and always produce images that I love and know that you will be proud of.


If you would like to discuss your requirements and my services or availability, please get in touch.


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