Life’s Journey in Photographs

Life is a journey, marked by significant milestones that bring us joy, happiness and connectivity. The arrival of a newborn baby, christenings and birthday celebrations, a couple’s engagement, wedding and anniversaries; these events make life worth living, yet they are over too quickly.

Photography is the way to capture and share those important occasions. Enable the memories to remain fresh in your mind for years to come with a collection of emotive images.

If you are ready to start your photographic journey, I invite you to be part of the growing group of individuals and families that allow me to document key life events. As a mother, wife and professional photographer, I know the value of holding on to those special moments.

Where is the Value in my Photography?

A professional photography session isn’t an impulse buy and bringing everyone together isn’t always easy, so why do so many families book a photoshoot?

The Benefits of Booking a Family Photography Session with Abigail Studio

A few clicks on the camera phone and you have a record of family gatherings, so what is the value in hiring a professional photographer?

Firstly, I guarantee that you receive beautiful, iconic images of your family at their best. My industry training and two decades of experience mean I instinctively know the best lighting, settings and angles to ensure everyone’s natural radiance shines.

I have a knack for putting people at ease, yet grabbing sufficient attention to involve everyone in the experience. The first images are seldom the best, as people are conscious of being in front of the lens. It is only when everyone starts to relax and begins acting naturally that I can capture the genuine personalities, connections and emotions of the group.


“I would like to thank Abigail from the bottom of my heart. I have a very, very hyper 2 year old which has resulted in me not having many good photos of her and almost none of her looking at the camera.

Abigail listened carefully to what I was hoping to achieve, but I remained with the expectation that it couldn't be done due to my daughter's hyperactivity.

I was hoping for maybe 1 lucky shot but ended up leaving with 6 beautiful photos, all with my daughter looking straight at the camera. She really is a miracle worker!

If you have a high-energy child, then Abigail is absolutely the photographer you need!”

– R. Gardner, Client review

With top-of-the-range equipment, the quality of images that I produce will far exceed anything that can be taken on a phone. This is especially evident when images are enlarged on photographic paper or canvas to display as wall art.

What makes me unique?

Are you looking for the perfect photographer to capture those special moments in High Wycombe? Look no further! I provide photography packages with all your high resolution, digitally edited photos included – no additional costs and no pressure to choose only a select few. Your photos will be yours to keep forever and enjoy over and over again!

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