The Joy of Photographing Parties!

Everyone enjoys a birthday celebration; the candles on the cake, gifts and a ‘Happy Birthday’ singalong. Every year of our lives that pass provides the perfect excuse for a joyous get-together, yet some birthdays hold extra significance.

As a professional photographer, I am party to many jubilant gatherings, including milestone birthdays. These landmarks in life centre around family and friends, providing memories that connect the generations.

A First Birthday Party

The first milestone birthday is reaching one. It’s a celebration of new life and hope for the future. Proud parents put aside their sleepless nights to share in their child’s early achievements. It is amazing how much a newborn grows and develops in a year and a first birthday marks this miracle of life.

First birthday parties are all about family. A recent photo shoot at Kian’s celebration is the perfect example. Kian and his parents were joined by grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins to mark his first year of life and the birthday boy received plenty of hugs! 

Everyone was dressed up and looking gorgeous, so it is wonderful to have a photographic record of the special occasion. As with all the best first birthday parties, there were balloons and cake for everyone to enjoy; in this instance, an impressive jungle-themed bake.

Kian never seemed to stop smiling; he was delighted to be surrounded by so much love. As a photographer, this was a dream!

Coming of Age Celebrations

The first birthday marks the start of childhood, but before long, those little tots have reached the next milestone birthdays – 18 and 21.

The 21stbirthday used to mark reaching adulthood. It was the point when you were able to vote, get married and make other life decisions. This changed to 18 in the 1960s and both birthdays now represent the coming of age – why have one party when you can have two!

These landmark birthdays are all about friends, with beer and cocktails often replacing the balloons and cake. The guests are young, radiant and enthusiastic about embarking on adult life. This is a wonderful time to photograph friendships, glamour and energy at an important moment in time.

Bring the Memories Flooding Back

I love being behind the lens at parties, knowing that I am capturing precious life memories. I know that when the family and friends look at the images, the smiles will come flooding back. These photographs spark memories of the good times that punctuate our lives.