Those tiny, curled up fingers and little toes poking out from under a blanket. The soft skin and peaceful sleep, those first weeks with your new born baby are precious. You think you will never forget these early days, yet those tiny bundles grow so fast! So, why not hold onto the moment with a newborn photoshoot?

As a mum of two, I fully appreciate how surreal and overwhelming the early days are. The days often pass in a whirlwind of feeds, nappy changes and hugs. Heading off to a newborn photoshoot may feel like quite an undertaking, so is it worth it?

Natural newborn studio photo shoot with family, picture in a creative Black and White. Family images Aylesbury

Family photoshoot with newborn Baby

Mother cradles 2 week baby girl in arms in sensitive newborn studio photography Princess Risborough, Buckinghamshire.

2 week old baby photoshoot

Photograph of father and baby daughter on newborn photography studio High Wycombe Buckinghamshire

Newborn photography in studio Buckinghamshire

Are Newborn Photoshoots Worth It?

It is one thing that you can’t go back and do at a later stage, so don’t miss the opportunity to document the moment.

The time and money spent visiting my newborn photography studio will give you a lifetime of joy. Every time you look at the images of your adorable baby, you will remember the intense love and warmth in those first few days of your growing family.

I offer a warm and safe environment that is fully equipped to make you experience as easy and relaxed as possible. I work in a baby-led ways, so the newborn photography package will be tailored to their requirements. I never schedule multiple back-to-back sessions, so focus is on you and your family. If your baby needs settling, you would like to change their outfit or you want to include older siblings in a newborn family photoshoot, we’ll do it.

Newborn Photoshoot: What age should the Baby be?

In the first few days, both baby and parents need time to adjust, so I’d recommend the earliest is a 2-week-old baby photoshoot. At this stage, little ones tend to be settled, easily comforted and completely adorable, so it is ideal for capturing their image as they snuggle in a soft blanket.

To record those very early days, I would recommend up to a 6-week-old baby photoshoot. They develop so fast and start to become far more alert in each week that passes. You’ll notice their features changing from this point and may even be rewarded with the first smile.

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Natural newborn photography of baby boy in silk scarf.

Newborn photoshoot High Wycombe baby in basket surrounded by pink roses.

Creative new born baby girl photography with pink flowers

Best picture of baby boy on arm in photography studio Beaconsfield with creative lighting

Classic newborn photography in studio High Wycombe

How to Photography Newborn Babies

For natural, relaxed images in those first few weeks of life, you need a quiet and warm environment. Based in the rural Buckinghamshire village of Bledlow Ridge, my photographic studio is flooded with ambient light and enjoys views over The Chiltern Hills. It is ideal!

Lighting is crucial, yet a bright flash of light is going to startle a little one and result in some unusual expressions. However, with specialist lighting equipment, I can capture all of those dainty features whilst keeping baby calm. I love natural compositions, creating a simple, timeless style that focuses on the beauty of you baby.

Ideally, you want to focus on a key feature in each image; their dreamy face or tiny feet. My camera equipment allows me to create a perfect balance of soft and defined elements within the images, something that simply isn’t possible in a snap on your phone.

The Advantage of a Professional Newborn Photographer

Although you will take lots of pics of your little one, the major advantage of using a professional photographer is that you can also be in the photo. That gentle kiss on the cheek, the comforting cuddle, the binding connection between you and your newborn can be yours to keep for a lifetime.

With over 15 years of experience in photographing newborns, you can trust me to safely capture timeless and priceless images of your baby. To arrange your session, bookings can be made by contacting me from your 20-week scan. Details of my newborn photo package prices and what’s covered are shared on my website.

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New Born photography at home

Father hold newborn daughter in his hands close to his face, natural lighting photo studio high aylesbury.

Natural lighting in newborn photography studio