Young family location photo shoot at home Beaconsfield garden trees create natural backdrop.

Location photography of young family in garden in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Family Photoshoot packages, what to expect, what to bring and more..

If it came to rescuing your most treasured possessions, many people would grab the photo albums. The pictures enclosed illustrate the changing looks, character and experiences of our closest family and friends. These are moments to be cherished, to share with all generations and they simply can’t be replaced.

But what actually happens during your family photo session, what should you wear, what should you bring? Lets look at how these images are made and how can you make the most out of your time; creating fantastic pictures which transform your house into a home. 

From my photography studio based near High Wycombe to the rolling hills of the Chiltern landscapes, what photography package will work best for you?

Toddler boy on bike in studio photography high wycombe Buckinghamshire part of my creative photography packages.

Toddler Boy on trike in family photography studio, High Wycombe , Bukinghamshire

What’s included in a photoshoot package?

The photoshoot includes a professional set-up and my photographic skills, which are tailored to the style, setting and character that you desire. After the photographic session, I will collate and edit the best images, which you will receive in a high-quality digital format. I also provide login details to a private gallery of the images, displayed on my website, which you can share with friends and family. However, keep it to yourself if you are purchasing prints for Christmas presents!

Is the photoshoot flexible?

Yes, I listen to your ideas, what you would love to capture, the occasion, the purpose and more. I then tailor my services to ensure the session meets your expectations. If you have a list of specific shots, share it with me!

Indian boy plays on yellow studio background with bright coloured balls in my High Wycombe photography studio.

Boy plays on yellow photography studio background High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

How long does the photoshoot session last?

Typically, I allocated an hour to a photo session, however, this is not set in stone. In a photoshoot, I allow time to chat, get to know you and allow personalities to be revealed. I want the session to evolve naturally, rather than being up against the clock. Sometimes, we break the session up into short blocks, especially for newborn photography shoots.

What if my child doesn’t want to be photographed?

Children’s moods can change in an instant and sometimes they aren’t keen to be the focus of attention. I recommend timing the photoshoot between naps to give us all the best chance of success and if they fall asleep, I can still take their photo.

Rather than asking children to sit still in a fixed pose, I encourage them to move about, chat with them and generally put them at ease. I have two young children and years of practice, so am calm, patient and experienced in bringing out the best in every individual. I aim to showcase everything adorable about your child.

Fun family photography of girl on white photography studio background in High Wycombe creates amazing natural picture.

Dynamic photograph of young girl in family photography studio in High Wycombe

What should I bring to the photoshoot?

It is a good idea to bring a drink and younger children may like a snack. I recommend bringing a couple of outfits that you feel comfortable and confident in. You are also welcome to bring a favourite children’s toy or other props that you would like to include in the images. I’ve had cuddly teddies, bikes and more in the studio!

How many images are included in the package?

During the photoshoot, I will take around 150 images. With a professional photographer’s eye, I will filter this down to approximately 50 images and edit the best shots to provide you with the final collection.

Family photography of a young girl running in the autumnal colours of Bradenham woods near high Wycombe Buckinghamshire.

Girl runs in Brandenham Woods in Autumn photography , High Wycombe

How long until I receive my pictures?

It takes an average of 2 weeks for me to prepare your images and upload them to my online gallery. If you decide to order prints from me, it is usually another fortnight before I have the high-definition prints or canvases ready for delivery or collection.

What if I don’t like my pictures?

Taking care to understand your expectations is the first step toward avoiding disappointment. I also take time to capture a wide range of images and show you a sample during the photoshoot. If you spot things that you don’t like, I can adjust angles, outfits and lighting. If you aren’t happy with the images, we will discuss the options.

Family photographer voucher for my High Wycombe photography studio packages include high resolution images.

Family studio photoshoot voucher High Wycombe

Do you offer photoshoot vouchers?

In the countdown to Christmas, there are plenty of enquiries about photoshoot vouchers. These are something that I am happy to provide and they make a wonderful gift.

Looking for a personal gift that represents the true spirit of Christmas? I have the answer:

If you have any further questions about newborn or family photoshoots, get in touch at or on 01494 481137.